Otsola in English

Otsola is situated in Western Finland and operates in the cities Pori, Eurajoki and Nakkila. Otsola has two main activities: The Adult Education Centre and Outdoor Advertising. Our office: Otsola, Juhana Herttuan katu 16, 28100 Pori, Finland. Tel. +358-(0)2-630 1500, e-mail: toimisto (at) otsola.net


Founded after the war in 1945, Otsola operates in the cities of Pori, Eurajoki and Nakkila, and its activities now include

  • Adult Education Centre (inculding lots of groups for children and youth)
  • culture activities
  • outdoor advertising

Otsola’s beautiful, convenient main building is situated in the center of Pori. The activities of the Adult Education Centre cover the whole territory of Pori and its surroundings. The program of the adult education center – which consists of hundreds of groups, courses and lectures – is published twice a year and distributed to every household in the area. Every year thousands of people participate in the activities offered by Otsola.

Otsola finances its operations by subsidies from the state and the municipalities of Eurajoki and Nakkila, together with very reasonable student fees as well as some small income from outdoor advertising.

Text: Alexander Bruk